Wandsworth could soon be home to its very own bowling alley.

Paul Delfgou of Strike Bowling said the inspiration behind bringing ten pin action to the borough came about after he dropped his daughter off at a birthday party.

"I was talking to one of the parents and they were essentially about to walk them to the Tube station, get on the Tube, go to Kingston, walk to the bowling alley and I just thought that’s crazy," he told the Wandsworth Times.

"That’s the first time that dawned on me that there isn’t a single bowling alley with an SW postcode so that was it for me."

Your Local Guardian:

The plan is to open the alley in Wandsworth High Street as part of the Ram Quarter development opposite Southside Shopping Centre.

There will be a total of seven lanes spread across two floors, with bars on each level and a restaurant on the ground floor.

Mr Delfgou said choosing the Grade II listed building was an easy choice.

"I live around the corner, I love this area, It’s such a great borough as a whole and it has so much going for it," he added.

Your Local Guardian:

"There is great nightlife, great bars, restaurants and pubs but what it’s missing is somewhere you can go out socially but also do an activity."

Currently the development is still in the planning stages, but Mr Delfgou is hopeful of opening up shop in about six months time.

"There's a fair amount of construction to do," he added.

"The pay-off will be at the end when we have a special space rather than a typical basement bowling alley."

Your Local Guardian:

When asked what will make Wandsworth’s site stand out to the one in Kingston he focused on how he wants this one to be somewhere people can come for a night out on the town, not just a night of rolling strikes.

"I think it’s going to be the experience you have when you get here," he finished.

"Somewhere you can linger once you’re done bowling.

"It will be a nice, relaxed atmosphere with nice décor and somewhere people would be happy to spend a few hours or an entire evening."