A Wallington girl said she was taken by surprise when she spotted an albino squirrel on her way home from school last week.

Emma Adams, 14, was walking past Carshalton's Grove Park with her friend Amelia on February 14 when something caught her eye.

"Initially I thought it was a piece of rubbish in a tree that had a bush next to it," Emma said.

Your Local Guardian:

But to their surprise it was an albino squirrel, something neither of them had seem before.

So without delay, Emma tried to snap a few images of the animal.

"I got out my phone to take a few pictures as I was amazed by it," she added.

"I managed to get a few quick pictures before it ran off and climbed another tree and out of sight."

Your Local Guardian:

Her dad Neal said Emma was smiling from ear to ear when she told him what had happened.

"She could not wait to get home and share her and Amelia's experience with us and to show us her pictures," the proud parent said.

"She absolutely adores wildlife and couldn't believe what she spotted."