Last week Storm Ciara caused chaos to parks all around the country and Sutton wasn't spared from this.

Trees all around the borough were brought down by the heavy winds.

But one man has called on the council not to waste the chance to use the broken trees for something positive.

Colin Wells wants one particular bit of timber turned into something kids can play on.

Your Local Guardian:

"During the recent bashing of the area by Storm Ciara one of the 80+ year old copper beech trees was blown over onto its side, falling almost in line with what remains visible of the old drive," he said.

"The tree in question was part of a number planted by St Dunstan’s School in Cheam to celebrate the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and is listed in the Woodland Trust records."

He would like to see the tree preserved in its natural state.

"It would need to be made safe by taking off the more dangerous branches and smaller side branches," he added.

"This would offer it not only a memorial to the park but also as a place for local children to play on and around.

Your Local Guardian:

"The removed timbers could then be offered to a local wood carver etc to turn the branches in to something for either St Dunstan’s Church or School as a reminder or memorial.

"Turning it into a climbing tree will allow it to continue playing a role in our children's lives."

He has urged anyone who likes the idea to write to Sutton Council in support.

The council have been contacted for comment.