A mother has praised staff from Pizza Express after they gave her son a night to remember.

Christina Norman's eight-year-old son Louis has special educational needs but has the dream of one day becoming a chef.

Late last month the team at the Wandsworth Town store made that dream come true.

"Louis currently has his sights set on becoming a chef, pilot or tree surgeon," Christina said.

"The store's manager didn’t know of Louis’ condition or his day-to-day struggles; just took him under his wing in a natural manner."

So Louis got dress in his apron, had a paper hat brought out and got shown around the kitchen, ovens, washers and fridges.

Your Local Guardian:

"He showed him how to use the cooking implements, introduced him to the chefs and staged an impromptu group photograph," Christina added.

"All whilst telling Louis that he was now a part of his team and that he is welcome back any time to help the chefs and to hand out menus.

"In fact, he would save a side table for him if he’d like to learn how to knead dough.

She added that the night out will have a long term positive impact on her son - boosting his confidence and opening his mind to possibilities.

"Louis so often feels like he is looking in on life from the outside - to be a part of the team meant the world to him and will inevitably have a positive, esteem boosting effect going forward," Christina finished.

Your Local Guardian:

"This is a small yet enchanting reminder of the goodness of humanity.

"Most particularly in an age when children’s mental health is rightly being championed by The Duchess of Cambridge and in which the dialogue around special educational needs must deepen and broaden."