Residents are expressing their anger and fears at persistent anti-social behaviour at a carpark in New Malden.

The Blagdon Road carpark is administered by Kingston Council (RBK) and has recently played host to young people appropriating the space for various illicit activities.

Throwing items off the roofs, suspected drug dealing and the tripping of the emergency alarms are just some of the actions residents like Elena Brockhouse are growing seriously concerned about

"They've broken into the stairwells, they're smoking drugs on the roof, throwing bottles off the top into the street.

"It's recently escalated, and they've smashed off doors and fire hoardings and have been throwing them at cars while they're driving," Elena told the Comet.

Your Local Guardian: Blagdon Road car park in New Malden. Image: Elena BrockhouseBlagdon Road car park in New Malden. Image: Elena Brockhouse

The issue surfaced in late October and has since escalated to an almost nightly occurrence at times.

Everytime the police have been called or members of the public have attempted a confrontation, the perpetrators flee, Elena said.

The New Malden resident, who lives nearby and is consistently disturbed by the behaviour, added that RBK's lack of action so far had been the greatest source of frustration for residents.

"The thing that's causing us the most upset is the inability of the council to do anything.

"We've put many suggestions forward from switching the lights on to blocking some of the entrances, even securing the fire escapes more securely, but none of them have been done," Elena said.

RBK told the Comet they were aware of the situation and were coordinating with police on the best response.

A spokesperson said they had also installed new security measures to try and prevent the youths from getting in.

"Blagdon Road car park is council owned property. Our Community Safety team was made aware of these reports in December 2019 and we are working closely with the Met Police to address this matter.

"We have carried out a full review of all access points in the car park and have improved security measures with the installation of steel bars and secured shields," the spokesperson said.

Your Local Guardian: Blagdon Road car park in New Malden. Image: Elena BrockhouseBlagdon Road car park in New Malden. Image: Elena Brockhouse

RBK added that they would also be sending their Youth Services team to investigate and that they were currently examining footage taken from inside the carpark.

"Our Youth Services team will be visiting the site soon and we are in the process of reviewing a number of other areas including our CCTV system and the car park opening times," the spokesperson said.

As for Elena's suggestion that some of the fire escapes be closed or locked to stop the problem, fire safety laws mean RBK cannot consider it an option:

"Under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 we have a duty to ensure all fire escape routes are free from obstruction and available for use at all times," they said.

Elena however described how some the the "steel bars" and "shields" referenced in the council statement have since been ripped off the people causing the disruption.

Residents impacted by the youths behind the problem hope a more forthright response will follow.

Over 50 have signed a petition calling on RBK to act more decisively.

"I've got children and I have to go in and out of that carpark, not knowing if I'm going to get hit by debris when I come out," Elena said.