A St Margarets resident has slammed Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) for failing to take action after her neighbour repeatedly caused her home to flood and was abusive toward her.

Jasmine McMurdo, from The Barons, says that she has endured harassment from her neighbour, Michael Oram, for more than ten years.

But things came to a head in 2017 after her home suffered from numerous leaks and floods caused by Oram's flat above hers - causing her to be left without lighting and with soaked carpets.

It eventually led to a fire brigade callout, with the crew finding that a bidet inside Oram's home was leaking.

Ms McMurdo said: "I have found Richmond Housing Partnership to be nothing short of useless.

Your Local Guardian:

Photo credited to Jasmine McMurdo.

"Mr Oram has been harassing me, stalking me for nearly eight years now - resulting in him being served with a criminal behaviour notice (CBO) in June 2018."

She made a further 15 complaints to RHP and on September 20, 2019, Ms McMurdo came home from work to find that her entire flat had once again been flooded and that her electricity supply had been cut off from the fuse box.

This then prompted RHP to cap Mr Oram's douche and advise him against using it.

Oram ignored the advice given to him by RHP and reinstated water supply to the bidet - but also drilled holes in the floor of his property causing even more water to leak into Ms McMurdo's property.

Your Local Guardian:

Photo credited to Jasmine McMurdo.

Oram was eventually arrested and ordered to appear at Kingston Crown Court on January 31 where he pleaded guilty to breaching his CBO.

He was fined and handed an eight-month sentence - suspended for 18 months and his CBO has been extended for five years.

Ms McMurdo has said that RHP are yet to remove Mr Oram's bidet and has since contacted a Housing Ombudsman to investigate.

A Spokesperson for RHP said: “Our customers safety and welfare is our number one priority and we take reports of this nature extremely seriously.

"We can confirm that we continue to work with both parties regarding concerns raised to come to a permanent resolution for everyone involved.

"We have regular contact with both neighbours however due to the sensitivity of this case, this is all of the information we’re able to share at this time.”