The Volunteers of the Epsom and Ewell Talking Newspaper (EETN) were delighted to welcome the Worshipful Mayor Councillor John Beckett to their Studio last week.

During a 30-minute interview recorded for listeners, Mayor Beckett discussed a range of topics concerning the borough’s past, present and future.

Addressing one listener’s question about his powers as Mayor, he began by explaining that the Mayor’s role is purely Civic and non –Political:

"I don’t have any real powers to make decisions, in fact I have less power than I did as a Councillor," Mayor Beckett, who has lived in the borough since 1993, said.

"My main role is to promote Epsom and Ewell and I have chosen to support and hold fundraising events for three local charities close to my heart," he added.

Speaking about how his Father’s death in 2012 from Motor Neurone Disease (MNDA) and Alzheimer’s had devastated the whole family, he told ETN listeners that the experience "really brought home the terror of both illnesses and I am supporting both charities in direct memory of my Father."

Meanwhile, his association with his third chosen charity for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied children (PHAB) lead to his display of hidden super powers.

"I recently attended a panto at the Playhouse with some of the children from PHAB and was asked to escort one child to the stage, it came as the biggest shock when I was then told I also had to go on stage and perform the Superman Dance!

"The audience was packed and I was completely taken by surprise but it was great fun and I really enjoyed it!"

In response to questions about proposals for the Borough’s Climate Change Action Plan, Cllr Beckett said it was going to be "extremely tough to reach the target of being carbon neutral by 2035" but he was confident that the council believes it to be achievable.

"In the new decade there will be lots of challenges that will face both the Council and the residents of Epsom and Ewell," Cllr Beckett said.

"There are some very tough decisions to be made and as always the Council will try to maintain the uniqueness of Epsom and Ewell."

Explaining why he had chosen 'Understanding' as his key message for the year, the Mayor said that he deplores bullying in any form, which was why he teamed up with the Sunnybank Trust campaign on Hate Crime last year.

"Everyone is different,’ he said, "but then again we also have a lot in common.

"I remember my old school teacher’s expression which was 'We all put our trousers on the same way’ and for me that sums it up perfectly."

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