A kitten with one eye and a cleft lip is desperately searching for a new home.

And staff at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home fear her unconventional looks are putting people off.

Ana was born with a cleft lip and lost her right eye after she was born with a rare abnormality that left one of her eyeballs underdeveloped.

A lot of people are increasingly looking for photogenic pets but unfortunately, four-month-old Ana does not conform to society’s standards of beauty.

There is a high demand for kittens all year round and there will be owners lining up to whisk the fluffy felines off to their new homes as soon as they are ready.

Your Local Guardian:

But Ana got the green light to go home nearly three weeks ago but has not had the chance to woo any potential new owners and show them that beauty is on the inside.

Battersea’s Cattery Manager Rachel Saunders said: “It is such a shame when people take animals at face value when searching for a new pet, rather than looking beyond their appearance to find unique quirks and personalities.

“As well as her distinctive face, Ana is a black cat and too many people still have misconceptions and superstitions about that particular colour.

“We think she’s beautiful just the way she is because the things that make an animal different are what makes them special.

“Rescue animals may not be perfect, but they’re certainly worth it, and soft and playful Ana is a fantastic example of this.”

Your Local Guardian:

From the minute the domestic short-hair arrived at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in December when she was seven weeks old, staff immediately knew she was a special kitten that would require extra care.

She is staying with a foster carer until a home has been found for her and if anyone is interested in taking care of her they should speak to a member of the Cattery Team.

Rachel added: “As with any rescue animal, Ana deserves a fresh start and has a lot to offer as a pet.

“She’s had a tough start to life, but she’s definitely still got eight of her nine lives left to live and we hope that her luck is about to change for the better.

“She may not have 20/20 vision, but we believe that this will be her year.”