A newly married Worcester Park couple who first met 60 years ago have offered up some love advice ahead of Valentine's Day

Doug and Audrey Boucher first met in the 1950s when Doug was a singer with a band called the Ray Warley Quartet after he had left the Royal Air Force.

Your Local Guardian:

Life took them in different directions with them both marrying other people.

But they reunited years later after their spouses passed away. Audrey lost her husband when she lived with him in Southampton. Doug was living in Worcester Park caring for his sick wife who had dementia when she also passed away.

Doug and Audrey found each other again by chance, meeting up and falling in love.

Your Local Guardian:

In 2018 they got married, when they were both aged 86.

The couple now live together at Hanover’s Pollard House in Worcester Park, a retirement housing development which is part of Anchor Hanover.

They have five children and 14 grandchildren between them and they say the key to their marriage is to always listen and love each other.

Your Local Guardian:

“We both had wonderful marriages and destiny brought us back together," Doug said.

"We have always been fond of one another, our love and admiration never died.

“My advice to young couples is showing love and respect for each other every day, that is the secret to a happy and successful relationship.

“Audrey was recently diagnosed with dementia, but this does not prevent us from living a full and active life. We still go dancing every week and we will be spending Valentine’s Day together doing just that.”