A Croydon man convicted of multiple counts of rape has been jailed for over 20 years.

Alan Mackey, 37, of London Road in Croydon, was convicted after a trial at Kingston Crown Court which concluded on December 13 last year.

He was found guilty of six counts of rape, two counts of fraud, two counts of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship, one count of blackmail, one count of ABH and one count of theft.

The Croydon man was sentenced to 23 years in prison at the same court on Thursday (January 30).

A spokesperson for the Met Police described Mackey's violence against a female victim that led to his prison sentence in further detail:

"The court heard that the victim was reported missing by her family on Friday, June 7, and following police enquiries, was found the following day at a hotel in Richmond.

"She told police she had endured a prolonged assault at Mackey’s hands, as she was held against her will. During this time, she was raped and subjected to a physical assault, which left her with facial injuries.

"Mackey, who was known to the victim and had previously made threats against her, later took her bank card to pay for the room and items from a shop," the spokesperson said.

He was subsequently arrested by police on June 8.

Detective Inspector Laura Semple, from the Met’s South West Safeguarding team, described the Croydon man's actions as "horrific".

"Mackey subjected the victim in this case to a horrific and prolonged assault and he has rightly been sentenced to a significant time behind bars.

"He is clearly a dangerous offender and we are pleased he will not be able to cause this kind of harm to any other women.

"We hope this sentencing encourages any others subject to this kind of offending to come forward and report it to police."

After Mackey's sentencing, the victim described her trauma and expressed hope that she could now look forward to the future.

"This whole process has had a severely detrimental effect on both my life and that of my family," she said.

"I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and could not have got through the process without the help and incredible support of all police involved, particularly PC Vivian Sutton and Detective Constable Siobhan Dodge who have been with me through every step of this journey.

"I can now look forward to the future and try and put this all behind me."