A Coulsdon man says action needs to be taken after cars and homes were shot out along his street.

Timothy Lewin lives in Coulsdon Road, and says his wife couldn't believe her eyes when she first saw the damage.

"She went out to walk the dog on January 25 at 6pm when she noticed heavy icing on the rear window of her car, but it was not ice," Mr Lewin told the Croydon Guardian.

Your Local Guardian:

The smashed car window

"On closer inspection the window had been shot out."

But it turns out they weren't the only ones who had been attacked.

"In the morning in better light it was noticed that the my next door neighbour's front window had been shot out and you can see the bullet."

Your Local Guardian:

The object that caused the damage

"We have reached out and two more windows were shot out that night.

"People running round shooting out windows is surely not acceptable."

Mr Lewin hopes by speaking out about this that he will raise awareness and stop anything like this happening again.

Your Local Guardian:

The damaged window

"The lady next door is 98 years old and if the bullet had gone through the second pane of glass it could have hit her," he added.

"I know this isn’t a personal attack, as another car further down the road reported the same incident on our local community Facebook group.

"We need to take action as a community to express the danger this could have potentially caused, whoever committed this act needs to be spoken to by police and pay a fine for the damages they’ve caused on top of the emotional stress.

"I hope we can bring awareness to stop this happening again."