A 16 year old murdered at East Croydon station was stabbed in the face, according to a young woman who witnessed the bloody aftermath.

Louis Johnson was seen holding his face with his hands and covered in blood after the horrific incident.

Station staff left the teen sitting in a pool of blood and screaming in pain for ten minutes before emergency services arrived at East Croydon station, an eye witness said.

The commuter heard the teen scream out after she entered the ticket barriers onto the bridge where Louis was fatally knifed at around 4.45pm Monday.

The 20-year-old witness, who was commuting between jobs, said the boy appeared to have been stabbed in the face because his face and hands were covered in blood.

Your Local Guardian:

He was described as white and wearing a blue jacket and jeans.

Passengers began running in panic and were pushed away by security staff who cleared the bridge in a bid to control the area at East Croydon station.

The witness, from East Croydon, said: “I just passed through the ticket barrier and somebody was shouting and screaming.

“I don’t think he was stabbed in the body, I think he was stabbed in the face because he was holding his face and he was bleeding from the face.

“At first I thought it was a joke but then I looked and he had blood on his face and hands so I don’t think he was stabbed in the body.

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“He was walking away by himself. Then I thought he had been punched in the face and broken his nose or something.

“He was walking towards me on the bridge. For a few seconds nobody did anything, we were all in shock, and then people were running in panic.

“I was about to jump in to help him but then everybody began running around.

Your Local Guardian:

“Security staff got him - he could walk still and he sat down in the station screaming and holding his face.

“They just left him sitting in a pool of blood and people started panicking so they pushed them out of the way to control them and cleared the whole bridge.

“It took them about ten minutes to come with ambulance services and police officers while he was screaming out the whole time in pain.

“I thought he was older than 16 as his screams were so loud. It’s so sad, I’m shocked.”