A thief who stole jewellery from an elderly woman has been jailed for five years.

Patrick Doyle, 54, tricked his way into the elderly ladies flat in Purely, in October 2018.

He was jailed at Inner London Crown Court, today, January 24.

Doyle, and a man who has yet to be identified, gained entry to the flat of a woman in her 80’s, after false intense of plumbers, needing to check a leak.

Doyle distracted the woman whilst his accomplice went into her bedroom and stole the jewellery, before feeling her flat.

Detectives launched an investigation and managed to obtain forensic evidence that placed Doyle in the flat.

Initial enquiries failed to trace him, and he was circulated as wanted.

In July 2019, he was traced to an address in Acton and later arrested and charged.

The detective who led the investigation said:

“Patrick Doyle’s actions are disgraceful.

"He tricked his way into the flat of a vulnerable elderly lady with the sole intention of stealing from her.

“I am glad the jury convicted him, and he will now serve time in prison.

“I would urge anyone who is approached by people purporting to be tradesman; don’t let them in and ask them for identification.

" You can use this to check they are whom they say they are.

"Genuine tradespeople will not mind waiting a few minutes while you do this.

“If they are at all in doubt; close your door and contact the police.”