A father was horrified when he saw two rats chewing on loaves of bread out the back of Sutton Poundland.

Julio Cesar had taken his two-year-old daughter outside on Thursday to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

But as he was passing by the back of Sutton High Street something caught his attention.

At first he didn't think anything of it. But then he looked a little bit closer.

"Something was moving between the bread that was stored on the floor outside," he told the Sutton Guardian.

"There was 2-3 huge rats eating from the delivery food left outside unattended."

Thinking quickly, Julio decided to film the rats.

"I was so shocked and then I got my phone and I started to record it all.

"What I saw with my eyes, I didn't think anyone would believe me that it was true.

"On top of all my concerns about my own daughter I realised I needed to share this with everyone as I felt responsible for the all others customers.

"I hope this video will make a difference.

When contacted for comment a Poundland spokesman said: “Our store team began cleaning up that yard outside our store Thursday evening.

"Specialists will complete a full deep clean first thing tomorrow morning in that back yard.

"We’re grateful it was brought to our attention.“