A Sutton woman has called on the council to adopt a new default search engine to help try and save the planet.

Caroline Sloan posed the question to the local authority in an email which asked them to consider switching the to Ecosia on all council computers, including schools, libraries and the like.

Ecosia is used by millions worldwide and donates 80 per cent of its profits from advertising revenue to non-profit organisations tackling deforestation around the globe.

Caroline said: "I have been in discussions with Ecosia and this will be the start of a UK-wide 'Ecosia in Councils' campaign to inspire local residents all over the UK to campaign for this change.

"We are currently in the process of setting up a Facebook page, and we very much hope that the campaign will gain traction over the coming months.

"As many of the UK's local councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency, switching to Ecosia is something very simple that they could do towards helping.

"If Sutton Council did decide to go ahead and adopt Ecosia, Ecosia would be able to provide them with monthly reports detailing the impact they have had such as the number of trees Sutton residents have funded through their internet searches."

She added that not only would making the switch help the planet, but it would also "fantastic publicity" for the council.

"If the council chose to switch their default search engine to Ecosia, it would be a step very much in keeping with Sutton's goal to be London's most sustainable borough by 2025 and consistent with it having declared a climate emergency in 2019," she said.

"Not only would it mean that searches on its computers help fund tree planting around the globe; it would also be fantastic publicity for the council's already solid green credentials; and would also help spread the word about Ecosia to Sutton's residents.

"I'd love to know that Sutton residents could be empowered that they are making even the slightest difference to the environment just by doing something so simple as using a different browser."

Sutton Council have not responded to a request for comment.