Officers from Met Police in Sutton have found a device in an ATM that is used to commit fraud.

According to police reports officers were called to Stonecot Hill on January 21, where they discovered a device which was attached to the ATM machine.

A statement posted online by Met Police Sutton said: "Tonight officers responded to a call in Stonecot Hill where a cash ATM had this device attached.

"This device is used to obtain your PIN and card details.

"Please remain vigilant for devices like this on any cash ATM you use. #3137SN."

According to the banking trade body UK Finance criminals use entrapment devices which retain bank cards inside of the machine and tricks the victim into re-entering their PIN while the criminal watches.

After the cardholder gives up and leaves, the criminal removes the device with the card and subsequently withdraws cash.

Or criminals use skimming devices which are attached to the ATM machine in order to record bank card details from the magnetic stripe of a card while a miniature camera captures the PIN information

A fake magnetic stripe card is then produced and used with the genuine PIN to withdraw cash at machines overseas, which have yet to be upgraded to Chip & PIN.