A planning application has been submitted that would turn Sutton's Matalan into a Lidl.

The online application for the High Street site was registered late last month, with a physical site notice being put outside the store early January.

A cover letter attached to the application said that the total number of car park spaces will decrease from 76 to 71. This will include four disabled bays and six parent and child spaces.

A plant equipment compound is also part proposal as it "is required to serve the Lidl store."

It will consist of:

  • Two dry cooler units on anti-vibration mounts
  • Two pumping stations
  • Four ground-mounted VRF units

Lidl also appointed Acoustic Consultants Ltd to undertake a noise impact assessment for the proposed store.

The report states: "After assessing the proposed plant we would consider the plant noise to be acceptable in terms of environmental noise emission to the sensitive receivers in the area.

"We would consider that noise from the proposals will achieve the aims of planning and will not cause any change in behaviour or attitude to the residential receivers in the vicinity."

Comments on the application are open until January 31 and so far it has attracted just one response, opposing the development.

It read: "There are already two Lidl's within less than 30 minutes drive from the proposed new site.

"One of which, in Rosehill, is only a two minute drive. I see no need to add a third to this, especially with there already being two competitor supermarkets within full view of this shop.

"If you do insist on putting a supermarket there, why don't you think about one that we don't already have in a one mile radius, for example, Aldi?"