This amazing close-call photo shows the moment a swan took a photographer completely by surprise - when it took to the air and brushed right over her HEAD.

Sue Lindenberg was photographing the swans on the lake at Richmond's Bushy Park on Wednesday afternoon, when two of the birds got into a "scuffle" on the water.

And the next moment, Sue found herself ducking out the way as one of the swans took flight - and flew right towards her head, causing her hair to fly into the air.

Sue, who lives near the park and goes to the lake daily, just had enough time to snap a photo of the bird soaring into the air, before she was forced to get out of its way just in the nick of time.

Your Local Guardian:

Sue Lindenberg

She said: "It all happened so fast, it was very unexpected.

"I had been taking pictures of the swans, and I just went to change the lens on my camera to a wide angle lens, to take a landscape picture of the whole lake.

"Then one of the swans completely took me by surprise when it took flight out of the lake and flew right at my head.

"A couple watching nearby said they saw the hairs on the top of my head go up as it flew over me.

"I had to duck out the way as I imagine it probably would have hurt quite a lot otherwise," she joked.

Your Local Guardian:

Sue added: "The swan that flew away had been being harassed by one of the other swans for about half an hour, chasing it down the lake.

"It flew off right before a fight was about to break out between them," she said.