Pensioners living in Twickenham have the highest average pensions across the UK, according to new research.

Pension pots in Twickenham are said to be at the value of £44,430 which is more than '£20,000 above the UK average.'

A Spokesperson from Profile Pensions said: "We can see from the findings that four of the top five regions with the highest average pension in the UK are in and surrounding London.

"Twickenham came out on top with the average pension found valued at £44,430, which is more than £20,000 above the UK average.

"This means that this region is putting away the most to their pension pots and so ultimately has the most to find if they were to lose one of these.

"We’d urge anyone in these areas to get in contact with us as there could be a substantial sum they’re due to find."

However, Profile Pensions also found there were around 25 unclaimed pension pots in Twickenham, worth £1.1 million.

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