Allegations of misconduct were proven against a former Met Police officer who allegedly had sexual relations with a vulnerable teenager.

A misconduct hearing was held in the case of PC Andrew Brooks on January 16 and 17.

Former PC Brooks left the Met Police on June 2019.

It is alleged that on the July 15, 2018, the ex Met PC met a female in his local town centre and invited her back to his home where they both engaged in sexual activity.

Later on the same day "Ms X" revealed she was 17 years old.

A spokesperson for the Met Police provided further details of what happened next:

"In the days after this meeting former PC Brooks and Ms X exchanged messages and it became apparent she was a missing person, which made her vulnerable.

"Former PC Brooks continued to pursue a relationship after this point.

"Furthermore, former PC Brooks tried to put pressure on Ms X to conceal his identity."

The Met Police's misconduct panel heard former PC Brooks was alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of:

• discreditable conduct

• honesty and integrity

The breaches were proven at the level of gross misconduct.

The panel concluded that, had PC Brooks still been a serving officer, he would have been dismissed.