A Health Walk veteran from Ham will be celebrating his 90th birthday by leading a walk in Bushy Park.

Peter Davenport joined the Richmond Health Walks programme nearly 16 years ago after the death of his wife.

He quickly became an avid walker, and after 100 sessions Mr Davenport was encouraged by the team to sign up as a walk ‘leader’.

Mr Davenport said: "After my wife died in April 2004, I was told about the existence of the health walks by a lady I met at a bereavement support group who was already a ‘health walker’.

"Although my health at the time was quite poor after caring for my late wife, the lady suggested I join her at the next one so I did and realised that this was what I needed.

"The rest as they say, is history.

"The walks provided me with a new life, after 100 walks I was persuaded to take leader training and have been leading walks ever since."

Mr Davenport leads two groups every week for an hour and each health walk is free to attend.

Walking through Bushy Park for more than ten years means that Mr Davenport has witnessed significant changes to the area.

He explained: "The changes in Bushy Park have been impressive with all the work in the gardens and the Pheasantry facilities over the years, which has made walking in the park more pleasant.

"I have not found any weird objects or things during my walks, or anything else that maybe of interest so far... I’m still waiting!

"In regards to my actual health- the benefits of the walks, have been dramatic to say the least.

"My current fitness is testimony to that!"

The Richmond Health Walks are free organised group walks for people who are currently not very active but would like to increase their physical activity.

These gentle walks take place in groups and provide a safe and social atmosphere.

Mr Davenport's will celebrate his birthday on January 20.

He will be conducting a Health Walk in Bushy Park to celebrate his special day and has invited residents to join him.

Mr Davenport added: "My advice to anyone considering voluntary activities is go for it, it could give you a new life, & new friends."

Find more information about the borough’s Health Walk programme.

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