A study has revealed that Richmond Station is one of London's least surveilled transport hubs in London.

A new study conducted by ACCL - a cabling service company, has revealed that Richmond only has an estimated 98 CCTV cameras installed around its station, compared to boroughs such as Westminster, Brent and Camden, which are deemed to have the most surveillance cameras in the capital.

With a total population of 196,904 in the Richmond borough, this means there are approximately 2013 people for every CCTV camera.

A spokesperson from ACCL said: "Commuters travelling through Westminster, Brent, Camden and Ealing have far more security than those travelling in Richmond and Kew Gardens with less CCTV cameras across the stations collectively.

"The least protected boroughs have a combined total of over 8,000 cameras recording travellers across London.

"Those regularly travelling through stations Liverpool Street, Bank and Moorgate are far more likely to be caught on camera with 1 to every 17 people, far more than for those travelling through Richmond and Kew Gardens.

"Westminster, Brent and Camden may be the safest boroughs for travelling parents with the highest amount of surveillance whilst some of the least protected school run routes can be found in Richmond, Epping Forest and Barking and Dagenham.

"The data also showed that Richmond has 100,977 more people than Chiltern however this didn’t equate to more protection.

"It has an estimated 49 less cameras servicing the borough's stations than that of the borough of Chiltern."

London is the most surveilled city in Europe, with figures revealing that the daily commute is covered by an eye-watering 13,596 cameras in operation across the London Underground.

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