The mother of the first baby born in Sutton this year has spoken of her delight and disbelief.

Danny Michael Kasikara was brought into the world just four minutes after the clock struck midnight on New Year's Day at St Helier Hospital, but if it was up to mum Jemila Chambers it would have been a few week later.

"I was due on January 7 and I wanted him to come late to be as far from Christmas as possible," the mother-of-two told the Sutton Guardian.

"But then I went for an appointment on Monday the 30th where I was told I wasn’t able to go home until I’ve had the baby and I was 2cm dilated."

Jemila, from Sutton, then went into labour at about 5.45pm on New Year's Eve.

"The midwives kept saying they thought my little boy would be here around midnight," Jemila added.

"I didn’t believe it, but I started to get excited.

"Then all of a sudden it was 12.04am New Year’s Day and my baby was here. It was like a party inside the room. I’d just pushed this perfect little life out."

She says everyone in the room was overjoyed and emotional, including Jemila's own mum Sandra.

"The pure excitement in the delivery room made it such an amazing experience," the grandmother said.

"I'm so proud of my gorgeous girl, she is my only daughter and she allowed me to be part of the most amazing New Year's celebration, most certainly a night to remember."

Jemila had one final message for all those that got her through the night.

"I would also like to say a massive thank you to my mum, partner, midwife and the midwife in charge, not only for the amazing support but making it an amazing experience through all the pain," she added.

"They did an amazing job."