A new Resident Care Permit (RCP) has been proposed in Sutton as part of an ongoing review of parking provisions.

The new permit was approved in principle by the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee last month and will undergo consultation during January.

The current Individual Carer Permit is only valid for the specific vehicle registration quoted on the permit. The proposed RCP would be transferable across vehicles to meet multiple carer needs and has no daily time limit.

It will be available to residents with an evidenced need for care in their home and who meet the criteria for a permit in any controlled parking zone or permit parking area in Sutton.

Environment & Neighbourhood Committee Chair, Councillor Manuel Abellan, said: “The new Resident Care Permit is the direct result of feedback received during our ongoing parking consultations.

"It demonstrates how the Council is listening to the views of residents who suggested a more flexible permit for residents who receive care in the home, particularly where care is provided by relatives or friends.”

The RCP is proposed to cost £40 a year and can be renewed annually. The current ICP costs £35 a year.

The proposed scheme will include a restriction on one care permit per eligible resident and will be valid in the controlled parking zone or permit parking area they reside, with no daily time restriction on use.

It is proposed that the RCP will replace the existing ICP.

There will be no changes to the existing Organisation Carer Permits and Child Care Permits.

A statutory traffic management order consultation on the introduction of the new Resident Care Permit opened on January 2 and will run for 21 days, closing on January 23.