Ewell Road is the most dangerous road in the borough, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act by Transport for London (TfL).

An enquiry made to TfL about collision black spots in the borough named the Surbiton road as one of the nine locations which meet the Department for Transport criteria for installing a speed camera.

In London, roads where more than three collisions in a three year period result in a fatality or serious injury are identified as locations where speed cameras could provide the greatest benefit.

According to TfL figures there are 16 locations in Kingston which meet this criteria, but seven of these - including Kingston Hill and Kingston Road - already have speed cameras installed.

But it said that meeting the criteria does not mean that a speed camera will be installed automatically.

A spokeswoman for the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) - part of TfL - said that some locations were unsuitable for speed cameras or had alternative traffic calming measures.

She said: "When identifying locations where speed cameras could be of benefit, LSCP does not rely on simply the number of KSIs that occur at any location, but use this criteria to highlight locations where speed cameras could provide the greatest benefit."

Councillor Frances Moseley said the new bus lane in Ewell Road had helped the situation but that there was no easy solution for Ewell Road.

She said: "The problem is that it's a main London route so it's not really suitable for traffic calming measures. We're trying to route traffic out of residential roads by putting in speed limits wherever we can. The idea is for people to use Ewell Road."

But she said that speed cameras was not necessarily the best option either.

"You would need to look at each individual collision to find out whether speeding was a factor before deciding if it was a good idea," she said.

Location Killed/Serious Injury Fatal Serious Slight Total injuries A240 Ewell Road, Surbiton 10 1 9 22 32 A2043 Malden Road, New and Old Malden 8 0 8 30 38 Eden Street/ High Street, Kingston 6 0 6 34 40 B3370 Victoria Road, Surbiton 5 0 5 13 18 Bridge Road/ Moor Road, Chessington 5 0 5 26 31 A243 Upper Brighton Road, Surbiton 4 0 4 13 17 A238 Coombe Road, Norbiton 3 0 3 10 13 B283 High Street, New Malden 3 0 3 10 13 A307 Portsmouth Road, Surbiton/Kingston 3 0 3 9 12