Around 14 prison staff were injured during a 25 minute surge of violence inside Feltham's Young Offenders Institute on December 27.

According to a report from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) the incident took place during the lunchtime.

An MoJ Spokesperson said: “An incident at Feltham Young Offenders Institution was quickly resolved by our brave and diligent prison officers.

“We will never tolerate violence against our staff and will punish those involved.”

Currently, there are around 500 males aged between 15 and 21 who are serving sentences at the south-west London institute.

In October Peter Clarke, an official Prison Inspectorate published a report which called for 'radical change.'

Mr Clarke said: "The appalling decline at Feltham's Children's Unit shows need for radical change.

"Violent incidents had risen by 45 per cent since the previous inspection only six months earlier.

"The number of assaults against staff, some of which were very serious, had risen by around 150 per cent since January 2019 and the levels of violence among children was higher than at similar establishments.

"Levels of self-harm had tripled since January 2019 and were now 14 times higher than they were in January 2017.

"Seventy-four per cent of children said they had been restrained, but governance of and accountability for the use of force by staff had all but collapsed."

The report has since prompted the government to halt placements at the unit.