An inspirational firefighter from Croydon is set to appear in the ITV series of 'Take Me Out.... Emergency Services'.

33-Year-old Nakita, has been a firefighter for 14 years.

When asked about finding her ideal date, the firefighter said: "It is quite difficult to find someone who is able to understand the job I do without being put off, so I thought why not take part?

Your Local Guardian:

Photo credited to ITV Pictures.

"It would be great to find someone who is supportive.

"We only have one life so someone with a zest for life and who just goes for it would be ideal."

Aside from being a Croydon native, Nakita also has links to the area's other emergency services.

She said: "My first fire station was Croydon and my dad was a police officer in Croydon so we are quite connected to area.

"I love the fact that Croydon is so diverse.

"It is a great representation for how the country should be.

"We have a lot of diversity and it's such a great place to live and does not get the recognition it deserves."

Your Local Guardian:

Photo credited to ITV Pictures.

Since becoming a Firefighter Nakita has successfully helped communities that have dealt with tragic circumstances like the Croydon Tram Crash and Grenfell Tower.

Her experiences tragically meant that she witnessed a significant loss of life - which in turn, had a heavy impact her mental health.

This prompted Nakita to set up the Antarctic Fire Angels - a group of female firefighters who will participate in a 70-day-trek across the Antarctic in 2023, to raise awareness for mental health services.

When asked about any advice that she would offer to young women who are thinking of becoming firefighters, Nakita said: "Every firefighter is an ordinary person that has come forth to do an extraordinary job.

"It has been the most amazing thing I have ever done

"I have a great team and work with amazing colleagues.

"I would encourage young women to just go for it - they won't be disappointed, they will have an amazing support system.""

Nakita will be joined on the TV show by paramedics, doctors and police officers who are all single and looking for love, however, when it comes to an ideal date, Nakita is not interested in traditional dating antics.

She said: "I would be a lot more nervous in a sit-down-setting so my ideal date would have to go against the grain.

"It would have to be something like paddle boarding, rock climbing or any mini-adventure."

Nakita will feature in the Emergency Services special of 'Take Me Out' on December 28, at 5:30pm.