Steve Reed has been re-elected as MP for Croydon North after Labour won the seat with 65.6 per cent of the vote and a large majority of 24,673.

It was declared early on Friday morning that Reed will return as MP for the constituency after he received 36,495 votes.

The Conservative candidate, Donald Ekekhomen, came in at second place with 11,822 votes.

He was followed by Liberal Democrat Claire Bonham in third place with 4,476 votes, and Rachel Chance of the Green Party in fourth with 1,629 votes.

Brexit Party candidate Chidi Ngwaba got 839 votes and Christian Peoples Alliance candidate Candace Mitchell received 348 votes.

Turnout was 62.9 per cent.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Reed said: "I'd like to thank the voters for putting confidence and faith in me for the fourth time now.

"It is the absolute honour of my life to serve the people of Croydon North.

"We absolutely gave it our all, but the results nationally are devastating.

"I do fear for what this re-elected government will mean for our community in Croydon north.

"They all deserve better than they have had in the last 9 years. To everyone in our community I say this: I will always stand on your side; I will hold this government to account for you and I will work flat out to be your voice in Parliament."