The reason emergency services were called to Sutton High Street Wednesday morning has been revealed.

Emily Hennings was walking by when she noticed the scene outside Sutton train station.

“I was just walking thinking how cold it was and listening to Christmas songs to cheer me up," she said.

"Then suddenly I am watching the fire brigade and paramedics swarm the bakery.

"I couldn’t believe it. Not what you expect to see in sunny Sutton.”

Your Local Guardian:

Another person who wished not to be named said they saw a person being taken into the back of an ambulance with a sling around their arm.

Responding to a request for comment, a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade has said: "The Brigade was called at 9.29am to a small fridge fire in a shop in High Street, Sutton.

"The fire was under control by 9.47am.

"Two fire engines and around 10 firefighters from Sutton fire station attended the incident."

It is believed that the fire took place in Coughlans Bakery.

A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "We were called at 9:48am today (December 11) to reports of an incident on High Street, Sutton. 

"We dispatched an ambulance crew and an incident response officer to the scene. 

"We treated a woman at the scene and took her to hospital."