Leanne Werner is the Labour Party candidate for the Kingston and Surbiton seat at the upcoming General Election 2019 on December 12.

Ms Werner is a Labour Councillor on Southwark Council.

As with other candidates for the seat, the Comet spoke with Cllr Werner about her views and policies on a range of topics about Kingston and Surbiton and beyond.

Quotes from her responses are reproduced below.

Why are you standing to be an MP for Kingston and Surbiton?

I am standing to make a positive difference to the lives of residents in Kingston and Surbiton. Labour will reinvest in our NHS, local schools and make sure everyone has a decent and affordable home. Residents are sick of cuts and want to see real change.

What is your favourite thing about the constituency?

The people. I also like the river, the Rose Theatre, the shops, the choice of places to go out with some quirky pubs and excellent restaurants.

What is the single most serious issue the constituency faces?

Kingston has the 4th highest council house waiting list in the country. There is a real lack of affordable housing meaning that many residents have to pay extortionate rents with little chance of ever owning their own home. Labour will build 150,000 council and social houses every year.

How would you help balance the need for more houses with the desires of many residents to avoid excessive development?

We will build new housing with green spaces and which is sympathetic to existing bee and bat corridors while also creating areas for new wildlife. Make sure we replace all trees that are cut down and plant even more too.

What would you do to combat hunger and the rising use of foodbanks?

Introduce a living wage of £10-straight away -for everyone 16 years old and over, so everyone has a decent salary. Many nurses are being forced to use food banks, we would bring back bursaries for nurses and maintenance grants. The amount of children living in poverty is set to rise to 5.1 million by 2022 - we will make sure every primary school pupil has a free and healthy school meal.

How can we best tackle the climate emergency at the constituency level?

As a keen environmentalist, I would improve cycle lanes and public transport (introducing free bus passes for under 25s). I would introduce electric charge points for cars and bicycles across the constituency. Insulating homes, investing in renewable energy and a big tree planting scheme would make a massive contribution locally to tackling the climate emergency and help reduce fuel poverty.

How would Brexit impact citizens in the constituency?

If we have the Conservative Brexit, it will have a severe effect on British business and the quality of life of everyone. However, under Labour, we will negotiate a softer Brexit and put it to a people’s vote so everyone can decide whether they prefer to leave on those terms or to stay as a member of the EU. European citizens already living here will be granted the right to remain.

What would you like to see change about my party?

I would like to see Labour in power so we can transform society and make the economy work for all.

How would you work to improve education in Kingston and Surbiton?

Every single secondary school has seen cuts. I would reinvest in education across the board. Review the curriculum to make sure that every pupil learns both the science of the climate and environment emergency and the skills necessary to deal with them.

If returned as an MP, what will your first question be at PMQs?

Mr Johnson are you planning to sell off our NHS to Donald Trump?

What is your favourite (Desert Island scenario):


Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte




Arcade Fire