The group responsible for the construction of a Worcester Park building that went up in flames earlier this year has been served with an enforcement notice.

It took some 125 firefighters to bring the blaze at Richmond House under control on September 9, which almost entirely destroyed the timber-framed Hamptons development.

The enforcement notice issued by the London Fire Brigade, which will be made public on December 10, will require the original developers of the site - St James, a division of The Berkeley Group - to improve fire safety measures.

An LFB spokesman said: “London Fire Brigade carried out a post fire inspection and found a number of fire safety breaches.

"We have issued enforcement notices detailing the areas the responsible person needs to address and we will revisit the premises to see how this is being completed.

“Stay put advice has been temporarily suspended and a simultaneous evacuation strategy - a procedure in which all or parts of a building are evacuated in the event of the fire at one time has been implemented.

"We’re satisfied with this arrangement and will continue to work with the building owners to ensure the safety of residents.”

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LFB have provided 12-18 months for remedial work to be completed by the housing association which owns the flats that caught fire, Metropolitan Thames Valley.

The housing association has said that this is subject to the fire safety measures of the 24-hour waking watch and/or communal fire alarms being in place, and the ‘Simultaneous Evacuation’ advice remaining in force rather than ‘Stay Put.’

"MTVH are on track to complete most items highlighted in the enforcement notices that refer to the buildings’ management by the end of December," a spokesman for the housing association said.

"Remedial works are now required to address the remaining issues detailed in the enforcement notices. It is anticipated that St James, as the original developer, will lead these remedial works.

"The London Fire Brigade has stated that they are satisfied with the additional fire safety arrangements in place, and that the remedial works must be completed by 30 April 2021."

St James declined to comment on the story.

The MTVH spokesman added that their focus since the fire has been "to do everything we can to support those residents directly affected, to ensure the safety of our other resident on the estate."

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"Over the past few days, we have shared with all MTVH residents the results of in-depth investigations by independent experts into the construction of the buildings we own at The Hamptons to establish if there are any structural issues that could compromise fire safety," he said.

"The investigations show that work is needed to remedy certain defects in the passive fire protection of buildings on The Hamptons. In practice this means installing or improving cavity barriers within the external wall systems, and correctly firestopping elements of the construction internally.

"It is anticipated that St James, as the original developer, will lead these remedial works. MTVH will ensure that all remedial work is overseen by appropriate independent experts to check that works are installed correctly and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

"The safety of all residents is our priority, which is why a 24 hour waking watch has been put in place across The Hamptons since the 9th September, the ‘stay put’ advice has been changed to ‘simultaneous evacuation’, and a communal fire alarm system is being installed across all buildings.”