A quick-thinking train driver saved a dog after he discovered it crawling along the railway line between Ewell East and Cheam

Driver Instructor for Southern, Steve Copley, spotted the dog on Wednesday and after showing that he meant no harm by offering dog treats he happened to have in his pocket, was able to bring the pup on board.

Steve said: "She was petrified and had injuries to her back legs.

"She was dragging herself around on both the up and down Portsmouth lines and at one point only millimetres from the conductor rail.

"I managed to gain her trust with a dog treat I happened to have in my pocket from my own dogs."

To make things even better, the poorly pooch was able to be reunited with her owners that same day.

"I was able to get hold of her and lift her into the train where she sat proudly and calmly in First Class with two very understanding passengers and the Network Rail mobile operations manager who assisted," Steve added.

"We then took her to Cheam station to be reunited with her owners."

Network Rail are searching to identify where the dog gained access to the track so that any necessary fence repairs can be made.