People in a residential street in Twickenham were left shocked after a lorry ploughed through a wall, causing damage to cars in the road and leaving bricks strewn across the pavement.

According to residents, the lorry was parked inside the car park of Britannia Row, off Colne Road, just before the incident happened at the end of November.

As the driver was reversing inside the car park - he is said to have accidentally slipped on the pedals, causing the lorry to lurch back through the wall.

But this is not the first time the wall has been destroyed, with residents now angry that preventative action had not been taken following the previous occasion.

Resident and witness David Mawson said: "A lorry reversed and the driver's foot slipped. It's very worrying as this happened four years ago by the same company.

"We were reassured by the council and Britannia Row that measure would be put in place - but that clearly hasn't happened.

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Photo by David Mawson

"There are a lot of schools near Twickenham Green - there could have been kids there and now, cars are damaged.

"It's a very narrow road and there are already restrictors there."

Brian Grant, a director at Britannia Row, confirmed the same incident happened fours ago and assured residents that Britannia Row had taken their concerns seriously.

Mr Grant commented: "A vehicle that was parked in our garage knocked over the wall as a result of backing up in the parking area.

"There was someone guiding him but somehow his foot slipped when he was told to stop.

"It's a very small and silly incident - we are lucky that no one was hurt.

"When the wall collapsed four years ago we thought it was a once in a lifetime incident however, we are looking into putting bollards up at each side of the wall.

"We want to reassure residents that we are as concerned as they are that another incident doesn’t take place."

Richmond Council also confirmed that a wall had collapsed and that they had attended the scene.

A Spokesperson for Richmond said: "The Council responded to the reports of the collapsed wall by visiting the road.

"The wall had been cleared by the time officers arrived."