A Wimbledon girl has won an award given to "exceptional young changemakers" and is now hoping to inspire more women to get into coding.

In 2017 the Legacy Award was created in an effort to celebrate Princess Diana’s legacy and inspire a new generation of young people to service their communities.

Taking place every two years, this accolade celebrates the achievements of 20 outstanding young leaders and this year one of those was 12-year-old Avye Virolan.

"It’s such an honour to receive this prestigious award in memory of Princess Diana," the Wimbledon girl said.

"It’s really great to know that the work I do is valued, It’s quite a humbling experience."

She received the award on the back of her work creating opportunities for young people to explore coding and physical computing in supportive volunteer-assisted settings.

After noticing the gender disparity in her workshops, Avye established Girls Into Coding, which encourages 10-14-year-old girls to undertake STEM learning experiences.

She has successfully fundraised to gift books and computing kits to the attendees of her Girls Into Coding events.

Avye is now hoping to encourage more girls to feel inspired and empowered to get involved in tech.

"Receiving the Legacy Award has motivated me to create more opportunities for girls to engage with coding and physical computing," she added.

"It will help to highlight my mission to engaged more girls with STEM opportunities- and ultimately get more support from the wider community."