A Wallington mum has praised a local shop after her son was gifted a new bicycle - just days after his was stolen.

Faye Barber and her family went on a weekend away to Somerset late last month and had left her 13-year-old son Daryll's bike chained to the railings in their garden.

About five days after they returned, a neighbour asked to borrow Daryll's bike pump, of which they agreed. But it was at this point they realised the bike was gone.

"I posted it all over Facebook, trying to make it too hot to handle and because I was so angry someone would do this to my son," she said.

"I felt heartbroken for him."

But never did she imagine what would happen next.

"I ended up getting four offers of bikes which blew us away," she added.

"There really are some nice people around.

"Daryll decided on the bike from Wallington Cycles and was over the moon with it.

"You can't get him off the bike now."

Your Local Guardian:

Wallington Cycles shop owner Duncan Inglis was asked why he decided to reach out to the Barbers.

His response was as humble as you would imagine.

"We were just pleased to be able to help Darryl out with a new bike," Mr Inglis said.

"This wasn't about how it made us feel, it was about restoring a young man's faith in the community."

Faye said the gesture "restored a good-hearted 13-year-old's faith."

But the bike means more to them than just community spirit.

"Daryll has Autistic Spectrum Disorder," Faye continued.

"He has also had an operation on both legs due to his tiptoe walking.

"He has physiotherapy for the pain in his legs and he has displaced hips.

"The bike is a good way to strengthen up his legs and I'm just so glad he hasn't lost the vital exercise that he needs."