A Croydon singer has gone back to the classroom to launch a nationwide schools tour raising awareness of mental health in young people.

Known as RnB artist K Zie, 22-year-old Shehbaz Ahmed, has already had a taste of success, writing a track for international popstar Justin Timberlake.

A former student of Whitgift School and Wallington Country Grammar School, K Zie started his musical journey at the age of 13 by teaching himself how to beatbox.

After performances around south London he decided to progress his songwriting skills and entered a competition at Point Blank Music College in London where he beat off stiff competition to work with a producer on a track for Timberlake’s 2018 album, 'Man of the Woods'.

K Zie’s is one of a handful of rising young stars selected to headline the schools tour initiative which features performances and a discussion about mental health, discrimination, online safety and Cyberbullying. The tour aims to raise awareness through music of the struggles facing young people in communities across the UK and will provide signposting for those needing help.

Despite being influenced by some of pops biggest names, K Zie feels that opinions of others can sometimes be a drawback of the creative process

“The problem with music is that either people love your work or they are simply not keen on it," he said.

"I think finding the balance between taking on board opinions that will help you as an artist and opinions that are simply hateful is very important.

"But I one thing I have learnt is that ultimately out of everyone's opinion it is your opinion as the artist which matters the most."

K Zie hopes that by sharing his own experiences of receiving hateful and abusive messages and comments online that he can inspire the next generation of talent to “follow their dreams, no matter what they are”.

The schools tour will run throughout the remainder of the autumn term.