A former Sutton police borough commander has been found guilty of possessing an indecent video of a child but cleared of corruption.

54-year-old Novlett Robyn Williams - was once praised for her work in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster however, she showed no emotion as she was convicted of the charge.

The south Londoner denied ever seeing a video which was sent to her via WhatsApp by her sister, co-defendant 56-year-old Jennifer Hodge, in February 2018.

Prosecutor Richard Wright QC told jurors that Hodge sent Williams the "disgusting and disturbing" clip of a child of about five years old engaging in a sex act with a man.

He said: "Miss Williams did not report the video. 

"Therefore we say not only did she commit the criminal offence of possessing it, but she also failed to exercise her powers as a police officer to act upon it.

"Here, in simple terms, we say that the defendant Williams failed to act because she knew that to do so would place her sister and her sister's partner at risk of arrest and a criminal offence."

Prosecutors said there was no way that Williams could have missed the 54-second clip, and cited a response from the officer to her older sister to "please call" as evidence that she wanted to discuss the content.

They also believe that Ms Williams decided against informing the police through fear it would implicate her sister and and her sister's partner Dido Massivi - both from Dollis Hill in north-west London.

Police were instead alerted by a senior police officer who had an obligation to report it herself.

Ms Williams denied possessing an indecent image of a child and corrupt or improper exercise of police powers and privilege.

It was not suggested that Ms Williams, Ms Hodge or Mr Massivi had any sexual interest in the video or had any "sinister purpose" in having or sharing it.

Mr Wright continued: "This is instead a case in which we allege that each of them made serious errors of judgment about how to handle this video and, in dealing with it as they did, each of them has committed serious criminal offences."

Ms Williams denied ever having seen the video while her sister Ms Hodge said she had no idea that distributing the video was illegal and said she wanted to find out if the content had been "taken down from the platform" and the man reported.

And Mr Massivi said he shared the video "for awareness".

Ms Williams said: "I have lots of messages - there is not a particular pattern, some things I might look at ... I am not selective in that way.

"It depends where I am, what else I am doing.

"Some things might grab my attention, other things may not.

"There are messages there I just don't respond to, I can't tell you why."

Ms Williams also denied using 'sympathy' as a factors which somehow 'influenced' her decision to refrain from reporting the video to the police - an allegation which she strongly denied.

Sentencing has been adjourned until November 26, and all three defendants were granted continued bail.