Volunteers across Richmond have joined forces to form the Richmond New Years Day Parade (NYDP) Committee to represent Richmond at London's annual New Years Day Parade 2020.

The NYDP Committee have also signed up to enter the Borough Competition, where the capital's 31 boroughs showcase London's diversity through entertainment that has been set by the Parade's yearly theme and there is also a chance for each borough to win a £40,000 cash prize which can be donated to charity.

When asked about the significance of Richmond's entry to the parade - Andrew Rogers, a volunteer from Richmond said: "It's a fantastic event, full of colour and excitement, that draws a crowd of thousands.

"Each year, every London borough is invited to enter their own parade section and showcase something that makes their borough great.

"Although the invitation is always sent, it's been several years since Richmond took part.

"We've decided to change that, and so a committee of volunteers under the leadership of Alison Goodbrand - who is currently acting as our Chairwoman, have come together to put together an entry for Richmond-upon-Thames and take part once again."

The NYDP volunteers got together during the summer and brainstormed ideas for the 'London Loves Life' Parade theme and to also ensure that everyone knows that Richmond upon Thames is the best borough in London.

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Members of the NYDP Committee in rehearsals with the marching band, the Mayor of Richmond and horses.

They also set up a GoFundMe page and are asking for donations which will cover costs to pay for coaches to bring residents to the event and to showcase horses as well as paying for the marching band and dancers.

The London New Year's Day Parade takes place in Central London and has thousands of people watching in the streets and millions watching on TV from around the world.

The event is very popular in North America and is also an opportunity to show the world exactly what Londoners are made of and what makes each borough the best.

Mr Rogers explained: "It's going to be a fantastic celebration of everything that makes Richmond the best and we'll be showing just how Richmond Loves Life.

"From Richmond Park to the River Thames, Richmond is a borough rich in both nature and community.

"Those coming along can expect to see spectacular dancers, a roaring marching band, and even horses and carriages -with a very special guest on board.

"We'll also be joined by members of the Poppy Factory, and the theme of the poppy and new life will very much flow throughout our parade entry."

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