An opticians and hearing care company based in Southern England have joined a national campaign to plant 1 million new trees by the end of 2019.

National Tree Week starts on November 23, and is run by The Woodland Trust in partnership with regional organizations and businesses.

With branches in Sutton, Egham and Epsom, Leighton's Opticians And Hearing Care have joined in the campaign.

They now aim to take to Surrey's green spaces in the hopes of helping the Woodland Trust plant one million new trees as part of their Big Climate Fightback campaign.

CEO Ryan Leighton said that the business would give The Woodland Trust £1 from every Ultimate Eye Exam and Full Hearing Assessment appointment.

Customers will also be given the option to donate £1 to the cause at the till, a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, a range of indoor and outdoor events related to National Tree Week will be promoted in store.

"Leighton’s is all about helping our customers live life to the full by hearing, seeing, and doing more," Mr Leighton said.

"We want to do more to ensure the health of our natural environment which is crucial to all of our lives.

"Getting out in nature is great for mind, body and soul and we want to help maintain and grow woodland spaces across UK for future generations," he added.

Leighton’s said they would also be grabbing spades in order to get involved with the tree planting initiatives directly.

On Saturday, November 30, they will join in the Woodland Trust’s mass public tree planting event, while "continuing to support them into 2020 with other initiatives," a spokesperson said.