This amazing video shows a mum giving birth in a wheelchair in a hospital corridor - after just 90 minutes of labour.

Elvira Greene, 30, couldn't do anything to stop the super-quick arrival of her third child who was born after just 90 minutes in labour.

She dashed across London and her husband Eric Boakye-Ansah pushed her wheelchair into the hospital at break-neck speed, but baby Comfort wouldn't hang on.

And with the maternity ward in sight at the end of the dark corridor, Elvira gave birth in her wheelchair, next to a vending machine, in St George’s Hospital.

Amazingly her aunt Patricia Brown-Greene, 52, is a midwife at the hospital so rushed out to meet her just in time to catch Comfort.

A touching video taken by new gran, Jacqueline, 56, shows aunt Patricia Brown-Green, 51, handing over baby Comfort, and cleaning her with her mother's dress.

The clip continues to show the shell-shocked family make it into the ward before they were welcomed by the staff.

The mother-of-three, from Wimbledon, said: “I could feel the baby coming and I just knew she had to come now.

“There was no way I could stop it from happening. I didn’t even think about where I was, I just knew my aunty was there and would make sure she is ok.

“When I realised she had been born I thought oh my god, it was just so crazy.

“I had no pain relief because the labour was so short we hadn’t made it to the ward yet.

“I don’t know what I’d have done if my aunty wasn’t there. I have never experienced anything like that.”

Elvira, married to custodial officer Eric, 35, fell pregnant with the couple’s third child in 2016.

The family engagement officer went into labour just before midnight on March 13 2017.

After first feeling the beginning of labour pains at 11.45pm, Elvira called her mum in desperate need of a lift to the hospital at 12am, and the car arrived just after 12.20am.

Jacqueline drove Eric and Elvira across London for 30 minutes before arriving at St George's A&E department at around 1am.

The family then faced a desperate ten minute hunt for a wheelchair in order to get Elvira up to the maternity ward on the floor above.

They then wasted more time by asking a cleaner where the nearest lift was and spent more precious minutes finding a lift and waiting for it to arrive at their level.

By the time Elvira reached the right floor in the hospital it was approaching 1.30am.

In a flap of panic wondering which way to go, the family had to walk along the corridor for another five to ten minutes before they were forced to stop when the baby's head appeared.

That is when the Patricia - who was escorting her sister to a team of midwives on standby a few doors down - gave birth in the chair.

She said: “I started having pains at about 11.30pm and my mum drove me to the hospital.

“I was put in a wheelchair and we had to go up a lift to get to the maternity ward.

“My room was right along the corridor and my husband was pushing me.

“I just shouted ‘my baby is coming’ and I couldn’t help it.

“She chose her time to come and it had to happy. It’s just crazy.

“It was very quick which I guess is better because that means less pain.

“But it wasn’t exactly perfect, I was worried about everything being ok.”

Comfort, now aged two, was born at 1.47am on March 14 2017 weighing 7lb 4oz.

Video footage of the birth shot by an astonished new gran Jacqueline captured the beautiful moment midwife Patricia uses Elvira’s dress to clean Comfort.

It shows Eric continue to push mother and daughter along the hospital’s dark corridors as Comfort cries out.

Moments later the family arrive in a birthing suite and are greeted by midwives who take Comfort for monitoring.

With both mother and daughter in a healthy condition, proud dad Eric was able to drive the family home later the same day.

Elvira said: “I was taken into a room and Comfort was checked over to make sure everything was ok.

“Luckily there were no complications and we went home the same day.

“Comfort was healthy and we were really happy. It was really nice to be back at home with the family.”

She added that she still thinks the video of the birth is a “crazy” bit of footage and has said she plans on showing it to Comfort when she is older.

“It’s something for us both to look back on in later years and to talk about.

“Maybe we will have a joke about it.

“It was just an out of this world experience.”

Comfort is little sister to brothers Hosea, eight, and Heaven-Anthony, four.

Elvira has said this isn’t the first time she’s experienced a speedy labour.

Heaven-Anthony was born on the family’s living room floor, when Elvira was home alone.

Elvira said because of the “scary” solo birth of her second son, she had an idea it might not take very long at all for her to meet Comfort for the first time.