A South Norwood couple have been left heartbroken after their pet dog was stolen from them during a burglary this week.

Ben Jones lives with his girlfriend in Whitworth Road.

The couple came home on Wednesday evening to see their street door jimmied open and their flat front door "smashed in."

But worst of all, their nine-week-old pet puppy Haggis was gone.

"My girlfriend and I feel empty inside as a result of losing our puppy," Mr Jones said.

"We got him from a breeder in Essex only last week, but he was already a big part of our home.

"He had a bouncy, curious personality and made us both really happy."

Although they have been left distraught by the incident, they are more concerned for the health of the West Highland Terrier.

"I have some health issues," Mr Jones added.

"I'm on my second kidney transplant and my girlfriend doesn’t have things easy either, so we were loving having Haggis in our home.

"My girlfriend has lived in South Norwood for 12 years and never had any issues with crime until earlier this week.

"Haggis still needs his second set of puppy jabs, so in that sense his health is at risk. We are desperate to get him back. He is chipped and registered to us."

A spokesman for the Met Police confirmed they are looking into the matter

"Officers were called at 6.27pm on Wednesday, November 13 to reports of a burglary in Whitworth Road.

"It is believed the burglary took place at some point between 12.40pm and 6.25pm.

"The suspect(s) gained entry by forcing the front door of the property.

"A puppy was reported stolen.

"No arrests have been made.

"Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 quoting CAD 6393/13NOV or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11."