A father was left feeling disgusted after he claimed to find mould inside a sausage roll that he ordered from the café at Radnor Gardens, Twickenham.

Twickenham dad Nick Whitehorn said he visited the cafe on November 6 with his two-year-old daughter to have a snack.

But the manager of the café, James Dillon, strongly denied the claims and said the sausage roll in the images taken by Mr Whitehorn looked "factory made", stating the café only sells handmade rolls.

Mr Whitehorn said: "We ordered sausage rolls and chips - they only reopened six months ago, yet don’t seem to have what is on offer on the menu.

"I cut the sausage roll in half, gave some to my daughter and then I bit into the roll it and found that it tasted really plastic-y.

"I spat it out, opened the sausage roll and found the mould.

“I had to quickly grab the sausage roll from my two-year-old’s mouth"

Mr Whitehorn said after making the discovery, he took the food back to the counter, however, when he looked in the display window he claimed to see "about 15 sausage rolls" that also looked like they were covered in mould.

He added: "The staff took the rolls from me and away from the display cabinet and they gave us the coffee for free.

"It's concerning because the café is right next to a children's playground."

However, the manager of the café, John Dillon, strongly denied the claims.

"The one in your image looks like a factory made one and we sell only handmade ones," he told Richmond Times.

Mr Dillon refused to comment further.