The owner of a retired racing dog says she is at her "wits end" over the constant noise caused by fireworks.

Dreamy the greyhound is a rescue dog owned by Selsdon woman Anne Giles.

Anne says like many greyhounds, Dreamy gets very spooked by the loud bangs caused by fireworks.

"When they race, I believe they are forced to run with a starting pistol," she said.

"There was a time when fireworks were on firework night and occasional week-ends.

"This year it started the weekend of October 26-27 and then it went on every single night thereafter."

Anne added that as a result of the constant fireworks, Dreamy now associates darkness with noise.

"After eating she won't move from the sofa and just lies there shaking for hours," she said.

"We have various things from the vet - a calming Adaptil plug, Adaptil pills, a calming paste to put on her food, a jacket to wrap round her, but for the duration of this season we are unable to go out at all in the evenings.

"We also play a CD of lullabies for the whole evening to slightly drown out the noise of the fireworks.

"Seeing an animal suffer this way every day for two whole weeks is heartbreaking."

She says the current laws governing when people can let off fireworks are not adequate.

"Petitions to the government are ignored because politicians often live in houses with large gardens, where fireworks are not noticed as much as they are in an area like ours with a lot of small houses and gardens," she added.

"It has got to the stage when we are wondering whether to move away from the area.

"I read that a greyhound and also a small puppy died from heart attacks brought on by fear. Cats and horses suffer too."