An indoor ice rink has opened in the heart of Sutton.

Ice Park announced on its website that it is now open for business in the St Nicholas Centre.

"The ice rink is indoors and so its not affected by rain or wind, meaning you can enjoy skating this Christmas Season regardless of the famous English weather," a message from the company read.

"Since there is no wind the ice surface should remain dry at all times.

"Thank you to the whole team at the St Nics shopping centre who have worked very hard to totally change the old shoe shop into a fabulous Christmas skating venue."

It is located on the ground floor near Debenhams.

"What was once a shoe shop has now been transformed with an alpine lodge theme with some wonderful lighting creating just the right wintery feel," Ice Park added.

"With a frosty nip in the air, this skating venue looks and feels like the alps has come to London for the festive season."

Booking will be opening via Gigantic from Friday, November 15 and in the meantime people can just turn up an pay.