Two Green Party councillors in Richmond have announced they will not be standing in the General Election in order to "ensure that the Remain Vote is unified".

Councillors Andree Frieze and Richard Bennett both confirmed they would step aside, with a hope to "ensure a ‘Remain Parliament’ is elected that will ensure a People’s Vote".

This will mean the Greens will not place candidates in Richmond Park and North Kingston and Twickenham ahead of the December General Election.

Cllr Andree Frieze said: “Richmond & Twickenham Green Party led the way in the Richmond by-election of 2016 and the General Election in 2017 by working with other parties for the common good.

"I am standing aside – again – to try and ensure a ‘Remain Parliament’ is elected that will ensure a People’s Vote.

"I also hope this electoral agreement will result in more Green MPs and that, once Brexit has been consigned to history, this progressive parliament will urgently tackle the climate emergency, invest in public services and introduce proportional representation.”

Electoral arrangements have been made in 60 constituencies across England and Wales at a national level with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

Cllr Richard Bennett said: “I am proud of our local Green Party and what we are achieving.

"So, I was also proud when our Members overwhelmingly supported the decision to stand aside in both Twickenham and Richmond Park.

"Putting the country first is the right thing to do.

"Nevertheless, we will continue to emphasise the importance of the Climate Emergency during this General Election campaign.”