Surrey Police warned residents in the Runnymede area about an ongoing phone scam on Wednesday (November 13).

The Runnymede police section of the county police force said that a new wave of criminals impersonating police officers in order to extract private information from residents had occurred in the area recently.

In a statement posted to their website, a spokesperson for Runnymede Police described details of the scam in a warning to residents.

"There have been more attempts to scam people in Runnymede by criminals pretending to be police officers.

"Yesterday, one claimed to be a 'Detective Martin Rose, warrant number 786'. He does not exist.

"Neither your bank nor the police will ever ring you and tell you that they need your bank details, want you to withdraw cash or are coming to your home to collect your card," the spokesperson said.

"Never give out your banking information over the phone.

"Never hand over your bank card to anyone who comes to collect it. Should you receive a call like this put the phone down. THIS IS A SCAM," they added.