Pressure from residents have prompted Richmond to review plans to introduce new 'DIY waste' charges for construction waste at the recycling centre in Kew.

Richmond initially announced plans to introduce the new system from December, but it will now be put on hold pending further review.

Paul Chadwick, Director of Environment and Community Services for Richmond Council, said: “The facts are still the same, disposing of DIY waste is getting more and more expensive.

"So, we do need to look at the way we do it. However, we have heard the concerns of local people and agree that we take a further look at how we charge.

"Therefore, whilst we are doing this review we won’t introduce the charge. It is expected we will publish a revised scheme in the early part of next year.”

It is also unusual for big policy decisions to be implemented during an election period.

It is understood that pending review, the scheme could be launched as early as January or February 2020.