An Earlsfield woman has spoken out after a pie left on her friend's doorstep was she was taking her post-cancer treatment nap.

Once a week Becky Tramontano cooks for her friend while she undergoes chemo treatment.

But on Monday she was left furious after someone pinched the pie while it sat on the doorstep in Garratt Lane, Earlsfield.

"She was home but having a nap post-treatment," Becky said.

"I always message when I’ve delivered it to say I’ve dropped it off, but I don’t ring the bell so not to disturb her.

"She woke up and went outside and it was gone.

"This week I had to go to the office so my mum cooked it and dropped it round her place. My mum is visiting from Manchester so it was an extra special gesture."

Becky added that for a person to do something like this is disgusting.

"It’s hard enough going through what she’s going through at 37 with two young kids," she said.

"For a nice gesture to then not be received is just upsetting."

She's even had a look around the area in search of the pie, but had no luck.

"It’s about the fact there’s some horrible people out there who would steal food that’s clearly been homemade for someone for a reason."