The Mayor of London has slammed the Government over reports that a large number of Europeans in London have yet to apply for 'settled status' before Brexit.

This number includes a reported 60 per cent of Europeans living in Richmond, or around 11,000.

Securing settled status is essential for European Londoners to secure their right to remain in their home once Britain leaves the EU.

Sadiq Khan has declared it as a 'national scandal', adding: “It’s an absolute disgrace that so many European Londoners in Richmond have still not been able to secure their right to remain in their home if Britain does leave the EU.

“These 11,000 Londoners are our friends, our colleagues and our neighbours.

"They're our fellow Londoners who help to keep our city running, staff our NHS and teach our children.

“Instead of stripping them of their rights and making them feel unwelcome - we should be doing precisely the opposite. The Tories have already failed the Windrush generation and, worryingly, is on the verge of failing EU citizens who live here too.

“The idea that we could go ahead with Brexit while so many people are unregistered - which is this Tory Government’s fault - should be seen as a national scandal.

“This is yet another reason why we need to halt Brexit and only a vote for Labour will secure a public vote within six months of the General Election - and I'll be campaigning night and day for Remain.”

Mr Khan previously expressed concern that European nationals who were being left without settled status would be seen as undocumented and subject to the Government’s 'hostile environment.'