Families of victims of the Croydon tram crash have today officially launched a campaign to reform the laws governing tram safety.

Last week the Croydon Guardian spoke to Danielle Whetter whose grandfather Philip was one of seven people killed when a tram came off the tracks three years ago.

She said that she had submitted a petition to the Government to bring in new laws for tram drivers, following the news that nobody would be prosecuted over the 2016 disaster.

On Friday, that petition officially went live.

Your Local Guardian:

Marilyn and Philip Logan

"As families of victims of the crash we feel cheated of justice," Danielle said.

"To wait three years for nobody to be charged is devastating.

"We just want answers, and all we have are more questions.

"It's so frustrating to see the clear gap in the law in this case. I hope people support our campaign to bring in stronger tram safety rules."


At the moment there is no specific safety legislation for tram systems.

Safety legislation relating to roads, can cover trams, however the stretch of track upon which the Croydon tram crash occurred was a dedicated tramway, and not a road.

The campaign is being launched to resolve what is claimed is ‘a major gap in the law’.

Croydon Central parliamentary candidate (and MP from 2017-19) Sarah Jones, has spoken to Danielle throughout the petition process, and has published it on her website.

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“It’s blindingly clear following the CPS decision last week that a loophole exists in the law when it comes to tram safety," the Labour candidate said.

“It’s beyond belief that different safety standards can apply to trams based on where they are driving. We urgently need to bring trams in line with other vehicles, where offences like death by dangerous driving apply.

“Something went very badly wrong to cause the tram crash and the families deserve justice. If re-elected I’ll be working closely with them to press for action in parliament, so a tragedy like this is never repeated.”

A physical petition has also been created which Danielle says will be circulated around stores in New Addington.